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5 Christmas gifts for people with a clutter problem

5 Christmas gifts for people with a clutter problem
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What to get someone who has too much stuff

We’ve all got a friend or relative whose house is so full to bursting that we don’t want to add to their problems. Here are some low-clutter gift ideas that are sure to be welcomed by those you care about.

1.      Memories not knick-knacks

Shared experiences are the bedrock of relationships, so consider tickets for shows and concerts or vouchers for activities and classes. Air BnB offer quirky events , from guided walks to cookery classes to secret concerts.

Another great gift idea is membership of the National Trust or English Heritage , or perhaps for a local venue. And do remember to plan a day out together later in the year.

Think about what might make it hard for your recipient to use the gift. Opt for local events and venues so you don’t burden your recipient with travel and hotel costs. For example, is childcare an issue? If so, you might need to offer babysitting, too! Or are they worried about showing up alone? Be ready to go along as their plus one.

2.    Consumables

Think food, think bath products. Think luxe versions of items they use regularly. Take care to avoid gift boxes that include utensils and mugs, and also hampers with packaging that is too nice to throw away. Home-made treats go down particularly well! And don’t forget to include the recipe.

3.      Media

Rather than giving a DVD or CD or a physical book, consider ways of giving access to streaming music, films or ebooks.

At present it is difficult to directly give access to an ebook as a gift – but many people are very pleased to get a token and a personalised recommendation. Don’t forget to arrange to meet up in the new year so you can discuss it!

Remember mix tapes? Why not make up and share a playlist on a service like Spotify and pay for a month’s access.

4.      Charity donations

Many people like to see a donation made in their name to a charity. If your recipient is trying to cut down on clutter, go for packages that give a simple certificate, or an emailed newsletter. Zoos and wildlife parks will let you adopt an animal and then send regular updates. This is a particularly nice gift if you give it alongside a day out to the zoo, or even a ‘behind the scenes’ experience.

Some charities send out magazines, which can be read and then recycled, so that the gift continues to give throughout the year.

5.      The gift of time

If you know your recipient has a niggling task at home, you could give the gift of your time by helping them to do it. Often people only put off a task like putting a few belongings into storage to free up some space because they don’t realise how easy it is once you get going. An encouraging push and a bit of company could be all it takes to get it done. Or you could pick up an admin task like organising self-storage insurance cover to give them peace of mind.

Here’s to a wonderful clutter-free Christmas!