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Bulk buying

Bulk buying
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How to store groceries in bulk

There’s a been a bit of talk recently about stockpiling food ahead of  Brexit. I’m not quite ready to go into full-on disaster prepper mode, but it did make me wonder about the advantages of  bulk buying groceries  on a household level.  Purchasing  normal foodstuffs in larger quantities can contribute towards  a more sustainable lifestyle and  some families find it  save s them  money.  I thought I’d do a bit of research to see if we could make it work for us, and I wanted to share some of my bulk buying tips.  

Buy the right goods  

Some groceries are better for bulk buys than others .   W e’re looking for products with  a longer shelf-life , and products  that  you   use regularly . The oats you have for breakfast every day are a good bulk purchase. A dozen jars of hibiscus flowers less so, even if they are reduced from £5 to 50p each.  E xamples of good bulk buys are :  

  • bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar (particularly if you use them for cleaning)  
  • bin bags, freezer bags and sandwich bags  
  • cleaning products  
  • dried pasta  
  • herbs and whole spices (these are a great way to start experimenting with bulk   buying)  
  • honey and sugar  
  • lentils, beans and pulses  
  • nuts and dried fruit  
  • oats and other grains  
  • salt  
  • soap and shampoo (although some people find that using the same shampoo for an extended period  is bad for   their hair)  
  • tea and instant coffee  
  • tins of tomatoes and beans  
  • toilet rolls and paper towels  
  • toothpaste  

By the way, never bulk buy a product or brand that you haven’t tried before. No-one wants their family to suffer through six months of toilet paper that falls apart in use, or a dozen rolls of flimsy bin bags.   On a related note, if you’ve made a terrible shampoo or liquid soap purchase,  cleaning guru Fly Lady   recommends using it  daily  to clean the toilet!  

Have the storage space ready  

The last thing you want is 24 tins of tomatoes  and a pillow-s ized bag of tea  cluttering up your hall, so make sure you’ve got the space before you make the  bulk buy  purchase .   The characteristics of the best food storage spaces are:  

  • constant temperature (so avoid attics ,  garages and shed s )  
  • dry  
  • dark  
  • protected from pests  
  • protected from strong smells  

Odd corners in y our self-storage unit  could be used   for stashing  tins   until you are ready to bring them into use     but check with your storage centre that you  are allowed to   store foodstuffs.    

Club together with friends  

C onsider splitting  a bulk purchase   with friends or family. When you see a great deal, do a shout-out on social media to see if anyone is interested : I’ve found whole spices  go quickly   this way . Also remember that the savings you make could allow you to  donate   to   your community’s food bank     The  Tussell   Trust can help you find this     so that you can support  families who have fallen on hard times .  

In conclusion…  

You  have to   be organised to manage bulk purchases, but it’s not too difficult and for a small amount of effort you can take advantages of the best prices   and improve the sustainability of your lifestyle.