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Moving house with young adults

Moving house with young adults
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Get your teenagers ready to move house

Think you had it tough moving house with a baby? Try moving house with a mouthy teenager!

Timing your move

Sometimes you’ll have very little control over the timing of your house move – for example, your tenancy has come to an end, or you’re involved in a complex chain. But if you can, avoid moving at a time you know will be stressful for your young person. Exam years are always going to be tough, and a stressful domestic situation will not help them to get good results.

Moving house while your child is away at camp, visiting relatives or on a residential holiday or at boarding school might be a good plan, particularly if you think they will find the disruption stressful. But other children would prefer to be present and involved.

Involve your teenagers in the planning for the move

Getting your teenagers to help around the house may seem like an impossible dream – but if you can get them to engage with the move it will ease the transition and it will give them valuable life skills.

Every young person has different capabilities, and you may be surprised at their approach to planning and carrying out a task in the run-up to moving day. You may also find they cheerfully pull their weight on moving day.

Play to their strengths and interests – for example, some young people will be happy to take your bank card and organise a takeaway for the first night. Or they might enjoy making a bit of cash by selling unwanted items at a boot fair ahead of the move.

Listen to what your children have to say about moving house

Take time to check in with your child in the run-up to moving day. You may not always get a helpful answer, but once they know you’re interested and receptive, they may open up with some useful information. Organisations like Young Minds can give advice on parenting teenagers who are experiencing anxiety about an upcoming life event, like a house move.

Helping out on moving day

Some teenagers will be keen to try their ever increasing physical strength on moving day. But they may not always have the good judgement to match! So talk with them about safe lifting and encourage them to take it slowly.

Look after your own wellbeing while moving house

Anything you as a parent can do to reduce your own stress during the house move will benefit your teenagers.

Pay attention to your diet, sleep and exercise as moving day approaches, and once you’re in your new home.

Consider outsourcing services like cleaning or packing. And ask for help from friends and family – even just a listening ear can make all the difference.

Use self-storage to ease logistics, for example, if you are planning to decorate or renovate the new place, it might make sense to put some items into storage until you’re ready for them. You will have to pay for self-storage – but there are plenty of ways to shave a few pounds off your bill, including by shopping around for self-storage insurance. Get a quote from Store and Insure to make sure you’re not overpaying.

Settling into your new home with your teenagers

Plan something fun in your new home – whether it’s a sleepover or a games night, the promise of a good time while showing off their new living space will help keep your young person involved and enthusiastic.