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How to put a washing machine into storage

How to put a washing machine into storage
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Keeping your washing machine in storage

Wondering how to store your washing machine? Here are some tips.

Can I put a washing machine into storage?

A washing machine kept in a storage unit, like any other type of domestic goods, will be covered by your self-storage insurance with Store and Insure.

As long as your appliance is clean and dry, it’s fine to keep a washing machine in a storage unit.

Preparing your washing machine for storage

Before you store your washing machine, take time to drain it and clean it. Some parts of washing machines are prone to black mould, so check the detergent drawer and the door seals before you store your washer.

Find the manuals and documentation for your washing machine and put them somewhere safe. A clear bag taped to the outside of the appliance is a good place to keep them, or you can download them from Second Manual for example and keep an electronic copy. The manual may have some guidance on how to prepare your washer-drying for storage.

Moving your washing machine into storage

Washing machines are heavy appliances. Washers can weigh up to 80kg, which is within the loading capacity of the average car, but moving them is definitely a two-person job. Familiarise yourself with safe lifting techniques before you start, and work out how you will get your washing machine in and out of your vehicle. Ask your storage company if they have a trolley you can use to move your washing machine to your storage unit.

Did you know that Store and Insure’s policy covers your domestic goods while you are moving them in and out of storage? As long as you are using a covered vehicle, your washing machine is protected in transit.

How long can I store a washing machine for?

There is no limit to how long you can store a washing machine if that’s what you want to do.

But bear in mind that appliances older than about ten years can look a bit dated in your kitchen, and they can be unreliable. If your machine is older and you know that you won’t want it for a few years it may make sense to sell it or scrap it, rather than paying to store it. A clean, working washing machine will always find a buyer on a local selling site, or it may be possible to donate it to a family in need.

Our blogpost has some guidance if you are wondering whether to keep or scrap your washing machine.

How do I bring a washing machine out of store?

Check hoses and seals for damage before running a washing machine that has been in storage for a while. You may want to get your washing machine serviced before putting it back into daily use.

Re-install your washing machine according to the manual. If you’ve lost the instructions for your washing machine, you should be able to find them online. Run a maintenance wash before you start washing clothes for real. This will rinse out any musty smells or debris that may have collected in your washing machine while it was in storage.

We hope this article has helped you work out how to put your washing machine into storage, and how to bring it back into use.


Question and Answer


Can I keep a tumble dryer in a self-storage unit?

White goods, including tumble dryers and washer dryers can be stored in a self-storage room. They can also be included in your Store and Insure policy. Note that most storage companies will not allow you to plug in and use an appliance in your storage room.


Can I keep electrical goods in my storage unit?

It’s normal to store electrical goods, including domestic appliances in your storage unit. As a rule, storage companies will not allow you to store electrical goods that are running. For example, you can’t plug in your refrigerator in your storage unit.