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Staging your house for a quick sale

Staging your house for a quick sale
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Declutter your home to improve buyer appeal

With the rise in mortgage costs, home buyers are increasingly skittish. So vendors need to take steps to give their house an edge over other properties available nearby.

What are the benefits of a quick house sale?

Worried about putting time, effort and money into staging your home? Take a moment to consider the benefits of a quicker sale.

A well-presented property will give you the confidence to stand firm when bargaining – the buyer is less likely to quibble over minor repairs if they’ve already been done.

Another benefit of staging your house for a sale is that the packing and decluttering that you’ll need to do ahead of the move is already partially done. And a big clean at this stage will reduce the work you’ll need to do when you vacate the property.

Depersonalise your home to sell it faster

Buyers prefer to view a plainer home without distracting items like family photographs, cards and very personal artwork. So clear these out and box them up, ready to be placed in your new home.

Declutter for a quick house sale

Making your rooms more minimalist will help buyers to see the full dimensions of the space you are selling. It is easier for them to visualise their own possessions in emptier rooms. So it makes sense to declutter as much of your own stuff as possible. Move items that you don’t use every day out of the space and in to storage.

Now would also be a good time to get rid of possessions that you don’t really love, or that are of no use to you. Consider donating unwanted domestic items to charity. But you could also hold a boot fair or use local selling sites to sell your unwanted possessions, or giveaway sites; or take them to the recycling centre if they are no use to anyone.

Is it worth storing my possessions to sell my home?

Wondering how much storage costs monthly so you can work out the costs of staging your home for a quick sale? Storage costs vary round the country so the best way to work out how much you’d pay per month to store your domestic goods is to get some quotes. We’ve got a post explaining what information you need to get storage quotes.

There are several things you can do to minimise the costs of self-storage – check out our blogpost on that very topic.

One thing you can do to reduce storage costs is to check that you’re not overpaying for self-storage insurance. Some self-storage companies have their own insurance offering, but it’s not always competitively priced. It definitely pays to shop around for your self-storage insurance. Get a quote from Store and Insure to start you off.

Should I redecorate to sell my home?

It is not usually worth doing a major redecorate prior to selling your home. It’s not the right time to do anything really striking as a lot of buyers will want the chance to stamp their own personality on to a place. But a coat of magnolia paint is a quick way to freshen up a dingy room. And doing minor repairs – such as filling holes and rehanging dragging doors – will all improve appeal.

Still not sure about staging your home to sell it?

A quicker sale will save you time and energy, and it could save you from having to drop your asking price, too, which will save you money in a very real sense. It will mean that you can move quickly on your dream home, rather than watching it get snapped up by another buyer. So there are plenty of good reasons to give staging your home a try, particularly in this uncertain housing market.


Question and Answer


Can I insure stored goods if I'm only storing them for a few days?

You can buy a policy for a specific period and pay up front, so you only pay for insurance while your goods are in storage.