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Helping an older person move house

Helping an older person move house
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How to be a good carer during a house move

As a carer for an elderly relative or friend, you will find yourself giving support and assistance for everyday things like shopping, cleaning and admin; but you may also find yourself roped in to help with bigger life events such as a house move.

Making a house move easier

A house move is tough at any stage of your life, but frailty and ill health can make it even more difficult. And that’s not to mention the emotions that get stirred up when downsizing or moving into accommodation that meets a person’s increasing need for care.

Take time to listen to your relative’s wishes and hopes for the move, and give opportunities for them to participate if that is what they want. The charity Age UK has information about housing options in later life.

We recommend opting for the best level of service you can afford when moving house in old age, so go for a removals firm with a good reputation. Coach your relative to complete the admin associated with the move in plenty of time so that there are no last-minute panics. Encourage them to ask for help if they (or you) need it. Ask questions, and get full value from the solicitor, the estate agent and any social workers who are supporting your relative.

Using storage to help with tough decisions

Downsizing is a delicate dance, with cherished belongings often caught in the shuffle. Parting with treasured furniture can make moving more distressing than it has to be.

That’s where self-storage comes in, offering a time-out for tough decisions. It lets you tuck away pieces you’re unsure about, giving you the space — both physical and mental — to mull things over.

After a few months, you might discover you can live just as happily without that old sideboard, and you can happily donate it to a deserving charity or find it a new home through an antique dealer. But if it still ignites joy, then hold onto it tight! Ultimately, your home should reflect your own story, and there’s no shame in keeping the things that bring you a smile.

Are my relative’s domestic goods covered by their contents insurance during their move?

Reputable removals companies will insist that you insure your house move. They may offer you insurance, or you can use an independent provider. Contents insurance will probably not cover your things during the move – but you can always ask your provider.

By the way – when you’re insuring stored goods with Store and Insure, there’s no need to organise separate coverage for moving them. They are insured while you’re moving them in and out of storage as long as they are in a contained vehicle. If you’re putting some of your relative’s furniture into storage, get a quote from us for self-storage insurance.


Question and Answer


Are my stored domestic goods insured while they are being moved?

Your policy with Store and Insure covers your domestic goods in storage, and while they are in transit between your home and your storage unit in a covered vehicle. If you have got professional removers to move your stored items, their insurance will cover your goods in case of any damage during the moving process.


Can I keep a musical instrument in my storage unit?

Musical instruments can be kept in storage units and will be covered by your self-storage insurance. Climate controlled storage is a good setting for storing musical instruments that may be sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity found in attics and cupboards at home. 


Can I keep a sewing machine in my storage unit?

Your storage unit is a good place to keep your sewing machine while it is not in use. Sewing machines are complex pieces of kit, and will benefit from climate-controlled storage that is clean and dust-free. Sewing machines in your storage unit will be covered by your insurance policy with Store and Insure.


Do I need to have climate-controlled storage if I am storing natural fibres like wool and silk?

Natural fibres may react to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled storage will keep your stored yarn and fabric in ideal conditions. Climate control also suppresses pests like moth.


How do I get help with moving my goods into storage?

Ask at your storage company if they can recommend a removals company. Some storage centres offer their own removals service, but it’s a good idea to get a few quotes to make sure you’re getting best value.


Is it safe to store wool blankets in plastic boxes?

Some people say that plastic boxes don’t allow natural fibres to breathe. But as long as your blankets are completely dry and clean when you store them, there is no reason not to store them in a tough plastic box. Plastic boxes are lightweight and cheap, and if you choose heavy duty boxes they can protect your stored goods from rodents, too. Avoid plastic containers and bags containing PVC as it can go sticky over time.