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Make your spare room welcoming for Christmas guests

Make your spare room welcoming for Christmas guests
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Get your spare room ready for festive guests

Filling your house with family and friends is what the festive season is all about – but if they need to spend the night it’s time to make up the spare room. Here is our step-by-step guide to making your guest room Christmas ready.

Declutter your spare room

Some guest bedrooms end up as a bit of a dumping ground for things that you want to keep but don’t use often. This might include out-of-season clothing or sports equipment. If these items make it hard to move around the room, it’s best to clear them out, even if it’s just for the duration of your guest’s stay.

Other spare rooms double as a crafting, exercise or hobby space, as described in our post on making the most of your guest room. There is something a bit disconcerting about trying to sleep in what is obviously someone’s office, so consider putting away obvious signs of work. Pack away anything that you don’t want your guests to touch, such as art or crafting projects, and make sure there are no blades or chemicals accessible, particularly if children will be sleeping in the room.

Self-storage is the ideal solution for freeing up space in your spare room. When choosing a storage company do check how much it costs monthly – but also look for a company that will charge by the day. When you insure your stored goods with Store and Insure , this is the approach we take, as we don’t think you should pay to insure your goods when they aren’t in storage any more.

Air the room out

If you haven’t used your spare room in a while, on a dry day open all the windows and get the air circulating. This will take care of any musty smells. It can also highlight places that need dusting, too. Check that bedding is clean and in a good state. If not, get it cleaned or buy new. You can air bedding by putting it over the washing line on a dry day, or in the airing cupboard or by hanging it over a clothes airer in a warm part of the house for a couple of hours.

Run the heating in your guest room for an hour or so each day for a few days before your Christmas visitors arrive. This will take the chill off the room and ensure it is cosy and inviting.

Spend a night in your spare room yourself

Try this trick borrowed from the really good Air BnB hosts. The best way to find out if your guest room is comfortable is to sleep in it yourself. You can check that the mattress is comfortable, and whether there are any draughts or light leaks. It will also help you work out what supplies your guest might need – from towels to a carafe of water to extra blankets.

Here are a few more ideas about guest rooms from Your Home Style.

Space for suitcases

It’s lovely to have a wardrobe to use, but the reality is that most guests live out of their suitcase if they are only staying a few days. Ideally, there should be somewhere they can set their case and open it, like a suitcase stand or a low table.

Manage your Christmas guests’ expectations

If your hosting duties are already stretching you, ask your guests to bring their own towels and bedding, or sleeping bags. If you’re really tight for space, check that everyone is okay sharing a room; and that there is enough room for air mattresses.

One last thing…

Have a conversation about how long you’re expecting your guests to stay, as well: if you make guests too comfortable they may decide to stay for another night or two!

And one other last thing…

All at Store and Insure would like to wish you a very merry Christmas.

Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash